The Modern Gentleman (noun)- A well put together career man, who enjoys the finer things and knows a well-tailored suit is essential to the wardrobe.

Deron G. is a premier custom suiting brand based in Houston, TX. Our custom clothing combines quality cloth from the most prestigious fabric mills of Italy and England, with precise measuring and tailoring. We provide a garment tailored to a distinct fit for The Modern Gentleman, who in return will feel confident in the choosing of our offerings. We consistently deliver the unique attributes and benefits our clients count on and promise that your custom experience will be one of poise and expertise. The skilled mastery put into each piece allows the client to individually experience excellence through craftsmanship and timeless quality. With each body shape being incoherent, we assure that our custom clothing will allow you to enrich the sense of detail within your garments. Our modern artistry shadows that similar to old English tailoring techniques, which emerges a sharp and clean designed garment. Thus, helping to accentuate your unique silhouette. Our goal as a brand is to make each of our clients feel as though we are just an extended family, we are motivated to close every order with the highest level of customer satisfaction.